What should a tenant do when meeting the landlord

First and foremost, you need to know what the landlords actually want from their tenants. Then in the meeting you reinforce those points as in how you have those things that they are looking for.

Ever wondered why most landlords try to get a Europeans/ Japanese/ American or another expat? The reason is simple. They want that their house is taken care of well. No doubt Europeans/ Japanese/ Americans etc maintain properties very very well, compared to Indians, Africans, Middle-East etc. It is not always true that Indian tenants spoil the property but the truth is that the bulk of us do not maintain the properties nearly as well as expats do. So if the landlord had an option he would’ve rented to an expat, but say if you’re not an expat and he is still willing to meet and discuss, clearly he is open to renting it out to you. So when you meet just focus on this point that you take care of the place you live in and that you will return the property in the same condition as handed over. If possible, show them current pics of the place you are moving from, or even offer to show them physically how well maintained your current place is. That reassures the landlord and builds up a very good start to the relationship.

Second most important thing in a landlord’s mind is that whether you will vacate the property when asked for and whether the rentals will come on time without problems and delays? He does not want hassles. No one does. He may not say that but we need to assure him that We have a good payment capacity. For this you can share your company details and even offer financial statements. In some cases landlords would ask for the financial statements themselves. At a minimum, let him know that paying rent is not a problem for you at all.

Let him know your reason of taking this place for rent. If you’re building your own house or moving out of another premises that you had rented, give him exact address and also offer your previous landlords number. That shows that you have a good relationship, you are vacating the previous house so you are not going to try to grab his either. And he is free to verify if previously rentals had been coming on time.
What should a tenant do when meeting the landlordAlways find out what he does and where he works and where he lives etc. and find some common connects who can verify your credentials. This is the most powerful thing and gets the doubts vanished from the owner’s mind. Once this is done negotiating on rentals and other terms is much easier.

Hope it helped. Feel free to ask any more questions!

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