How to find the right properties

I say finding the right properties and not property because one must have at least 2-3 in hand when negotiating, otherwise it gets very tight and pressurizing for oneself when negotiating. Of course at times it is not possible due to a very particular strict criteria or limited availability, but one must always try to have more than one shortlisted.

Your broker will help you locate the property but you need to make sure you fully describe what you want to your broker. Also you should explain why you want those things. That helps the broker find alternate solutions that you may not have thought of. For example if you just say that “We want a ground floor only”, he will try to locate only Ground Floors for you which are scarce and you get fewer options. But say you want a Ground Floor because the Balconies for Ground Floors are bigger. Now having explained to your broker that you need a bigger balcony so that you can sit outside and sip tea in morning with family, he may have properties which are higher floors but have huge balconies and even come at a lower rate. He does this every day and will know what’s available to suit your actual needs.

If even after having explained your requirements the broker still keeps offering unsuitable properties, it’s time to change the broker. Having too many brokers working for you isn’t a good idea since the same landlords get calls from these different brokers and they seem to feel there’s a lot of demand, raising their prices, or reducing the scope for negotiations.

When you go and visit properties, make sure you look yourself at all the important points. Like car parking space, quality of common maintenance, underground water tanks and any other important points that matter to you.

As a tip, if you want to be sure of how the parking space is outside the building, go late night or early morning or on a public holiday and observe how many car parks are available outside. That gives an accurate idea of additional parking space available outside.

How to find the right properties

If the landlord lives in the same building it is useful to see how good/ troublesome they are. If they are too interfering, it may be a good idea to leave that property. On the other hand some landlords are very helpful and nice to their tenants and are an asset to be in the same building.

Also find out who are the other occupants in the building and what they do. If you run into them say hello and observe their behavior. Usually you get some idea from their initial greetings etc.

Most important thing: Once you find a property that meets your requirements and you like it, do not waste any more time. It is alright to spend time in locating one that suits but after having located one you need to make the move. Sitting on a decision doesn’t help. And in my experience often spoils things. Go and meet the owner and see if you can finalize and get your happy home.


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