Are school facing properties bad?

Are school facing properties bad

Are school facing properties bad? Answer is Yes and No. Yes because there’s a lot of rush and jam at 1:45-2:45 pm when the school ends (that’s the usual time). Also in the morning many cars come and go but it’s not usually at the same time so it’s not that bad. In the afternoon parents come or send their cars to pick kids 10 minutes before school ends and the cars leave around 30 minutes after school ends so that creates a rush. But there are more things to it.

Usually the school boundary acts like an extra space for residents to park their cars in the evenings. That’s a big plus for people in Delhi.

Plus a school has a large open area around it which gives more breathing space and a feeling of openness.

Also usually the schools open only for 7 months if we consider the vacations and weekends and other holidays. So the hassle is really only for a very small period. That too an hour or so in afternoon when most people aren’t home or are usually not coming home or leaving home.
school facing properties

There’s more pluses than minuses usually and depending on other factors one should decide if it suits or not. Many people reject school facing properties because they consider only the afternoon hassles.

Of course one can negotiate the rate down using school as a minus point, but that’s also a plus right?

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