Beautiful Gulmohar Park

Gulmohar Park is one of the most beautiful colonies of South Delhi, along with others like Neeti Bagh, Anand Lok, Mayfair Gardens etc. But Gulmohar in itself has qualities that give some very good advantages. 


IMG_0844 (1) (1) (1) (1) Gulmohar Park

The colony was allotted originally to journalists and later everybody else also got mixed in. It is named after the Gulmohar tree and actually, there’s a lot of Gulmohar trees all throughout the colony. The streets have a lot of greenery and are generally wide for most part. The colony also has 9 parks/ gardens and a beautiful club which has recently been renovated. 

Because of so many parks and wider roads the colony gives a feeling of space and also has no parking issue. Even if your own building doesn’t have so much parking space to accommodate your guests there is always parking available in nearby spots. 



Also Gulmohar Park is very central within South Delhi and has multiple exits that you can choose based on where you’re going. It’s centrally located between Gurgaon and Noida, is close to Central Delhi and Courts (making a hot spot for lawyers also). 

The best part is that it has its own club which is a large running/ walking track, professionally run swimming pool with coaching available, Gym, Lawn tennis, football and cricket etc coaching and lots of sports activities. Additionally it is right next to the Asiad Sports Village (Sri Fort Sports Complex) that has pro level sports facilities for each and every sport including Mini Golf. So all that makes it an ideal place for families with kids. 

Gulmohar Park has plots ranging from 200 sq yds, 300 sq yds, 500 sq yds and 800 sq yds. Few corner plots are of different sizes but the above the usual sizes. 

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