Where should I move to – in case there is another lockdown?

So this was the last ever lockdown. No, wait, this was the first ever lockdown. Will there be another lockdown? I hope not, but things don’t work on hope. I mean this virus (or even some new one) may come back and again cause more lockdowns in the future. What can one do to preserve his luxury lifestyle? Yeah you read it right. Luxury is an essential part of many people’s lives. And why not! There is nothing wrong with living a lifestyle YOU WANT!

So what is luxury? This period of pain and uneasiness changed the definition for many many people. But the essential part would be an availability of essential services at your doorstep. Secure, internal gardens. Uninterrupted basic supplies. Privacy and distance from others (by not having too many people around in the complex.

In most builder floors this was not possible, but condominium (apartment) complexes (like DLF Kingscourt, Magnolias, Aralias etc) still provided uninterrupted and high quality services at the doorstep and no services were stopped, except of course which were banned like maybe gymnasium, pool use etc. But just imagine, in all these days if one could just step out and go and walk in the gardens, get freshly baked breads, foods etc delivered to your door and be able to order food from the kitchen, still have security and maintenance functioning properly and have a nice cozy apartment to oneself! I think this would have been a great luxury! I have gotten to know these experiences from clients living there. First hand.

From my viewpoint, real luxury would be peace of mind that in case such a scenario happens again, one would be able to provide the family enough luxury not too low compared to what they had before, and be able to function fully and focus fully on what one wants to rather than on how to be able to make things work somehow and be fully trapped as a result.

If you have been thinking of moving out somewhere more comfortable, I think this is high time you consider luxury condominiums (apartments) over builder floors. Provided of course one can afford them as they do come with a lot of premium. For example a 3 bedroom apartment in DLF Kingscourt, GK-2, would cost about 2.25 lakh a month on rent and upwards of 10 crores to purchase. Then there are the 5500 sq ft ones costing upwards of 20 crores, and so on. But again, this is luxury and if everyone could afford it wouldn’t be luxury.

Thank you for reading and do share what else you would like to know about. Maybe about what real estate insiders are talking regarding rates 🙂 ?

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