Visiting Properties? Dos and Don’ts in the era of COVID

Dear all

Are you looking for a property (or giving one out) and making visits? Whether you are looking to buy, rent or sell a property, there are various things you can do to keep yourself and your family safe while visiting or showing a property. Also for all brokers.


  1. Wear a mask. It is not just desired, it is illegal not to wear a mask in public. Also whether you are Corona proof or not, the other person may be scared and at risk. Insist that the broker and the other people arriving wear a mask.
  2. Look at the photos of the property first and filter out and reduce the total number of options you are going to be inspecting. Insist on the pics and get them first.
  3. Ask if the place you are visiting has been sanitised. Nobody should mind. And if one does, he is a lunatic and you don’t want to deal with him anyways.
  4. Try to keep the number of people to a minimum. If there are 2 brokers involved and you are a family of 5, probably one broker and one family member can do the first visit. Make a video while there so the property can be inspected without needing others to visit.
  5. Keep a hand sanitiser and sanitise your hands before and after the visit.


  1. Do not shake hands (hard to believe I would ever say this).
  2. Try not to touch the lift buttons. A good strategy is to have toothpicks in your pocket and use one each time and throw it away (in a bin).
  3. Have only one person unlock and lock the rooms and windows etc. Also have him sanitise his hands afterwards. Set this up beforehand with one person (usually there is a broker and he could handle that).
  4. Do not let multiple people enter and work in the property once the sanitisation is done. Best is one person maintains till it is rented or sold.
  5. I don’t have a number 5 🙂

These are very simple things and done properly they would ensure you are not at risk when visiting or showing properties.

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Ashutosh Bhogra

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